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Nursing Resource Guide: Finding Policies and Regulatory Information

Nursing Guide

Acknowledgements / Credits:

We would like to thank Adela Justice at the Texas Medical Center Library for sharing with us their collection of resources from their Nursing LibGuide.  Thank you Adela!  

Locating Policy Information at the Federal Level

Texas State Codes

At the Texas State level you will need to search in two places: 

Locating other state laws and regulations

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Hospital Conditions of Participation

Health Care Advocacy organizations

So many disease-specific organizations exist for the purposes of advocacy and education that they cannot all be listed.  

Below are just a few that might be helpful.  Each might have policy, patient education, advocacy and standards of care information related to their specific disease on their websites.    When searching for specific disease information on the internet be careful to look for ".org" rather than ".com" after the name.