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SU APA LibGuide: Reports

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Report available from the Government Printing Office (GPO) [APA Manual, pp. 205-206]

 Author,  A. (Year of publication).  Title of report  (Report #).  Location: Publisher. 


Bauman, K.  (2003).  Educational attainment, 2000 (Census 2000 brief; C2KBR-17).  Washington, DC: U.S.

             Government Printing Office.


Report available from the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)

[APA Manual, pp. 205-206]

 Author, A. (Year of publication).  Title of report  (Report #).  Location: Publisher. 


Brown, B. L.  (2002).   Global mobility of workers (ERIC No. 467899).  Washington, DC: Office of Educational

             Research and Improvement.


To cite proceedings of meetings that are published in book format, use the same format as for a book or book chapter. 

To cite proceedings that are published periodically, use the same format as for a periodical.  (pp. 206-207 APA Manual)