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Medical Assistants: Journals

This Guide is for Medical Assistants


Journals are the largest collections of literature in most academic fields. They are a major source of primary and secondary literature that feed the research cycle that continually improves any given subject. Browsing journals can give insight into the most current subjects and the research that is being conducted in your field.  

Many articles submitted to an academic journal must go through a peer review process where the authors' research and sources are verified and their interpretations are judged for accuracy and integrity. This leads to more reliable published research.



All Instructors and students have free access to EBSCOHost through Southwest University. 

EBSCOHost is a powerful online reference system offered by the Southwest University Library. 

Instructors and students can access EBSCOHost from the computers at the Southwest University Library.

Away from campus?  Then access EBSCOHost anytime at

Username: Southwestuniversity
Password: contact the Library for the password

Periodicals at the Library

The list of periodicals below are just a few of the periodicals that are available at the SU Library.  The periodicals are available for check-out by instructors and students.

  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • The American Nurse
  • Healthcare Business Monthly
  • Health Leaders
  • Health Management Technology